Join us at the 2018 Tri-State Fishing & Outdoor Show

2018 Exibitor Booth Contract download contract

Move In & Move Out Information

  • No spaces are to be Sublette, shared or used for purposes that don't reflect your companies products, or the integrity of the show.
  • All products or information must be outdoor related, no exceptions unless approved by Brailey Promotions Inc. prior to setup.
  • You will not intrude into other vendor space, no extending your merchandise into the isles. You will not disrupt other vendors, or patrons from enjoying the show.
  • All setup of booth must be done before 10:00 PM Friday before opening. No Saturday morning setup will be allowed without prior approval by Brailey Promotions Inc. If you're not setup by Friday night (Unless Approved Otherwise) You will forfeit your deposit and space at the show.
  • Absolutely no early tear downs unless approved by Brailey Promotions Inc. Doing so will forfeit your opportunity to ever attend another show organized by our company.
  • No outside commercial food allowed to be brought in. You can bring a cooler into your booth with drinks and materials to make sandwiches with. No McDonalds, Taco-Bell etc.
  • Brailey Promotions Inc. will assign all booth spaces. No special request accepted. No trading booth space with other vendors. You are assigned a booth for a reason. We do our best to keep alike vendors as far apart as possible.

Booth Includes

  • Your required space
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Electrical Power
  • One table provided. Must have black table cover.
  • 5 show passes for each booth space
  • Exhibitor Badges ON SITE AT CHECK IN